We all know the great health benefits that come from sticking to the Paleo Diet and eating healthy, natural foods.

However, after a while of strictly healthy eating, we all start to crave desserts including sugar, sweets, chocolate, cream, and more foods that are very poor health choices.

Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it too while still on the Paleo Diet thanks to these amazing paleo friendly dessert recipes I’ve compiled. These taste just as good as the bad stuff you cut out of your diet, but without the artificial sweeteners, processed sugar, and bad stuff you’d find in normal desserts.

Plus, these recipes come from some of the best chefs and biggest Paleo Diet blogs out there so these are tried and tested to satisfy those sugary cravings.

(Recipes and paleo experts are in no particular order)

That being said, here’s some delicious Paleo Diet dessert recipes anyone can use!


Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Avocado Diet Dessert

Avocado Chocolate Pudding from the ebook: Badass Brunch by PaleoBOSS Lady®

This dish has become my personal nirvana! It is so filling, easy and nutritious I never feel bad about eating this Paleo Perfect dessert. Anytime of day it works.


Avocado: 2

Almond butter: 6 tablespoons

Honey: 4 tablespoons

100% organic Cacao Powder: 5 tablespoons


Mix together all ingredients but avocado.

Mash avocado until no longer lumpy.

Mix with the remaining ingredients.

Plate in small bowls with a few berries added for garnish w/mint.


About the Creator


By questioning the status quo PaleoBOSS Lady (PBL) has re-written her life by living consciously driven by higher purpose. This reality has created the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady whose lifestyle using food, movement and mindfulness have kicked Multiple Sclerosis to the curb and continue to do so daily. PBL has dedicated herself to sharing her life journey offering tools of empowerment that are accessible and culturally relevant. Years of training in narrative therapy and community have armed PBL with a “Bag of Tricks” to create substantial change in the way we view our lives.

You can find PaleoBOSS Lady here:








Paleo Gingerbread Cookies

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Gingerbread Cookies

View the Full Recipe Here

This appeared on http://thepaleodiet.com website. These gingerbread paleo-friendly cookies are the perfect dessert for the holidays. Instead of flour, this recipe calls for using a mixture of almonds and dried, unsweetened coconut, also known as desiccated coconut.

More About the Author & Creator of the Site

About LorenLoren Cordain, Ph.D., is the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and founder of the Paleolithic movement. For the most up-to-date information, free resources, and more recipes, visit http://thepaleodiet.com.

For More Recipes Like This, Visit The Paleo Diet



Peach Almond Crisp

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Peach Almond Crisp

View the Full Recipe Here

(From Melissa)

To me, a great paleo dessert is satisfying, but not too sweet — so
that eating it doesn’t trigger wanting to eat MORE treats. I like this
Peach-Almond Crisp because it uses lots of fresh fruit, with no added
sugars, and the topping is made from nuts and healthy fats. I’ve
served this so many times at potlucks and no one ever notices that
it’s “healthy.”

About the Creator

About MelissaMelissa Joulwan is the author of the cookbooks Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat and Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat, and the blog The Clothes Make The Girl, where she writes about her triumphs and failures in the gym, in the kitchen, and in life.

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and food as the enemy, Melissa found the paleo diet in 2009 and has been happily following it ever since. That year, she also underwent a thyroidectomy. In the aftermath, she became particularly interested in how diet affects hormones, body composition, mood, and motivation. These days, Melissa’s workouts are just as likely to include yoga and meditation as lifting heavy things and sprinting to stay ahead of the stopwatch.

To learn more about Melissa, visit The Clothes Make The Girl


‘Peanut’ Butter Cream Pie


For the Full Recipe, Click Here

This delicious & beautiful looking ‘peanut’ butter cream pie comes from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook which is full of amazing paleo recipes just like this including another amazing dessert, Flourless Chocolate Layered Cake.

In addition to getting the recipe just right, lots of effort was put into making photography just as good, too. Luckily, Juli & her team held off long enough to take the photos before devouring this delicious paleo dessert.

About the Creator, Juli Bauer

About Juli( From Juli) I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.

To learn more about Juli visit PaleOMG





Pumpkin Pie Bites


Click Here for the Full Recipe

This amazing recipe tastes just as good as pumpkin pie, but holds all the unhealthy stuff like sugar and crust. These bites are filled with great pumpkin flavor and is the perfect, paleo-friendly dessert if you’re in the mood for pumpkin pie this fall.

About the Creator

seb-website-large5Paleo Leap was created by Sébastien Noël and strives to bring you the most accurate information, in a format that’s easiest to comprehend and integrate into your own life. This is one of the largest resources today on the internet for free paleo diet tips and recipes.


To Get More Recipes like this Visit Paleo Leap



Paleo Macaroon Recipe

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Paleo Macaroon

Visit the Full Recipe Here

Check out this delicious, paleo friendly macaroon recipe that leaves in all the tastiness of the macaroon but gets rid of the unhealthy stuff like granulated sugar.

About the Creators

paleo-after-imageIvan & Sanja are newlyweds with European roots, a passion for food & health, and a passion for traveling. They run the site PaleoWired, which offers free recipes, paleo tips, and much more. 


To Get More Recipes like this visit Paleo Wired



Paleo Popsicles

Paleo Popsicles


View the Full Recipe Here

We all have seen Otter Pops/Icicles/Freeze Pops/Ice Pops/Whatever you want to call ’ems – the portable popsicles that kids love and are oh so refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Did you know however, that you can buy empty sleeves to make your own? They are called Zipzicles and they allow endless possibilities for your own flavor concoctions. No need to feed your kids the hyperactivity-causing food dyes and other crap from the commercial pops!

They are BPA-free, reusable,  and they are safe  for the environment so use them in conjunction with this amazing Paleo Popsicle recipe for an excellent treat.

About the Creator

micheleMichele creates blogs posts and videos for people who desperately want to feel better using diet and lifestyle.  And  she shows you how to do it while making the process feel totally stylish and fun!

Whether you’re confused or overwhelmed by the Paleo Diet or are you a seasoned veteran who is looking for ways to save money or time or to make it more fun, Michele’s site has some great information for you.


To Get More Recipes from Michele, Visit Thriving On Paleo


Texas Paleo Brownies

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Texas Paleo Brownies

Click Here to View the Full Recipe

These grain free Texas Brownies are adapted from Stacey’s Mom’s brownie recipe, which is her Mom’s favorite recipe. Texas Brownies were big, thick, cake like, and had a fantastic chocolate frosting. Don’t worry, however, these brownies got a healthy makeover but still taste amazing.

About the Creator

head shots 033.jpg edit2.jpg bio

Hi, I’m Stacey and I create grain free, primal, paleo and low carb recipes. I also enjoy making DIY natural beauty potions and health remedies. Join me on my quirky journey to cleaner eating and greener living.


To learn more about Stacey, visit Beauty and the Foodie




Vanilla Plantain Cookies

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Vanilla Plantain Cookies

View the Full Recipe Here

If you are missing oatmeal cookies you may like this recipe. It has the texture of oatmeal cookies and a nice chewy feel. Add a little frosting and wow! It’s a real treat that anyone would love!

You can make this with green plantains to get more resistant starch, but  very ripe plantains were used because it is a cookie, after all, and you want it to taste sweet.

About the Creator


Realfoodforager.com is a health and nutrition blog. Get cutting edge information about critical issues in our food supply, food politics, functional and alternative health issues and clean, Paleo, Real Food recipes.


To learn more about Jill, visit Real Food Forager 


Creamy Coconut Custard

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Creamy Coconut Custard

View the Full Recipe Here

This is a great Paleo dessert that is easy to prepare and silky to enjoy with all healthy ingredients.  I love a creamy coconut custard to enjoy with my friends when entertaining.

About the Creator


Cindy Anschutz Barbieri, cookbook author, home chef, food blogger and entertaining expert, shows audiences how to prepare seasonal, authentic yet contemporary, family-style Italian cuisine like no one else. She is the host of the popular half-hour cooking program on Youtube, “Everyday to Gourmet” and the author of the highly praised cookbook Cindy’s Table.  Cindy’s new cookbook Paleo Italian Cooking is available preorder and will be in stores on October 6th


To Get More Recipes like this visit Cindy’s Table -2



Sunbutter Paleo Cookie Skillet

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Sunbutter Paleo Cookie Skillet

View the Full Recipe Here

The use of sunflower butter via organic Sunbutter makes this cookie skillet extremely moist and chewy! The Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips are the most “paleo” chocolate chips that the creator knows of. If you’re worried about consuming any sort of chocolate at all in your diet then simply substitute these chips out for anything else you like.

About the Creator

anthonyArticles, recipes and resources revolving around implementing goal based the Paleo Diet and paleo nutrition. Whether your goal is fat loss, lean gains, increased performance or just general overall health, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check out the blog and recipes tabs for more information.


For More Recipes Like This, Visit The Paleo Fix



Paleo Potato Chip Cookies

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Potato Chip Cookies


View the Full Recipe Here

These Paleo Chips  are not for healing autoimmune disease or for reversing anything, however, if you just really need something to treat yourself that isn’t white flour and bleached sugar, then try these out!

About the Creator

JenniferAfter some serious health issues at age 26, Jennifer turned to the paleo diet & healthy eating to regain her health. Her goal is to share her story, share her journey, and share her recipes in hopes that others who are struggling may find life again as well.


For More Recipes Like This, Visit Predominantly Paleo




Mini Chocolate Cream Pies

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Mini Chocolate Cream Pies

View the Full Recipe Here

These chocolate pies not only look great, but they taste just as good! These are perfect to make for your healthy paleo partner Valentine’s day or another special occasion.

About the Creator

SuzieSuzie is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, located in the Seattle area.  After years of pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, she turned to real, whole food to combat the root cause of her symptoms.  Through this journey she became passionate about real food and its ability to heal the body.  Suzie shares recipes free of grain, dairy and soy on her site thetastyremedy.com, and works with clients one-on-one to help them along on their own path to better health.

To get more recipes from Suzie, visit The Tasty Remedy


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

To Get the Full Recipe Go Here

These little tarts are amazing! They are rich, dense, and chocolatey, but still healthy! Since these tarts are mini, and not a full-size tart, don’t feel so terrible about eating a whole tart on your own!

About the Creator, Kendra Benson

Kendra Benson

I’ve loved cooking and baking for as long as I can remember. The kitchen is where I belong. In addition to cooking, I enjoy photography, hiking, camping, and anything that involves spending time with my husband and 3 kids. A Florida native, I am now a transplant living in northern Colorado and the mountains call my name daily.

To learn more about Kendra, visit Our Paleo Life

Also check out her Instagram at https://instagram.com/ourpaleolife/

Raw Paleo-ish Mixed Berry ‘Cheese’ Cake

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Cheesecake

To View the Full Recipe, Go Here

This cheesecake is not only great tasting, but is gluten, diary, refined sugar, grain, legume, and animal product free! So it’s not only suitable for paleo/primal/ancestral health-folk, but also vegetarians, vegans and raw vegans (who do indeed know how to make a good dessert themselves!).

About the Creator, Kate Callaghan

Kate CallaghanKate is  a Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach specialising in hormone healing. She has over 13 years experience in the health and fitness industry, and 1.5 years as a Nutrition Expert for Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar program. Holistic Nutrition focuses on the whole person, acknowledging that everyone is unique and, therefore, has different needs. The goal is to unite the nutritional, physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual components of a client’s life to promote healing and wellbeing.


To learn more about Kate, visit The Holistic Nutritionist



Paleo Bacon Roses

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Bacon Roses

To View the Full Recipe Go Here

Want to eat something tasty and impress your cavegirl  at the same time? Try these Paleo bacon roses. They not only look great, but taste even better.

About the Creator, Laura Scaviola


Plates of pasta, mozzarella cheese, and a crusty piece of bread were everyday choices in Laura’s diet. Well, before paleo, that is. At age 25 her health suddenly came to a screeching halt. After being diagnosed with a severe gastrointestinal disease she was told treatment would consist of lifelong medication and possible surgery. Laura found this reality unacceptable and turned to the paleo diet suggested by her doctor. After successful medical treatment and a shift in lifestyle/diet she returned to her healthy self. Although she spends each day managing her disease her body continues to show resilience. Now she inspires others by reinventing Italian paleo foods while maintaining Italian-American traditions.

To learn more about Laura, visit Mangia Paleo


Paleo Chocolate Chip Raspberry Muffins

Paleo Diet Dessert Recipes - Chocolate Chip Raspberry Muffins

View the Full Recipe Here

Sometimes you have a very rainy weekend that was supposed to be 74 degrees and sunny, but then Sunday rolls around and the sun comes out and it’s warm and all the winter-y rain from the two previous days have made the afternoon smell like spring, so you go to the grocery store with bare arms and your best friend and you buy fresh berries because it’s time for some delicious muffins just like these.

About the Creator, Megan Flynn Peterson

(From Megan): I  was born in the San Francisco Bay Area to an Italian mother + an Irish father, then raised in Roanoke, Virginia with a wonderful brother. I live with a very tall man and a green-eyed rescue pup in Charlotte, North Carolina after a year in Minneapolis, Minnesota (a city that totally stole my heart).I love running, cooking, coffee, Paleo food, and laughing really hard. You can often find me teary-eyed over cute animals, good movies, and my favorite songs

To learn more about Megan, visit Freckled Italian

Paleo Banana Bread

Paleo Diet Dessert Recipes - Banana Bread

 To View This Recipe, Go Here

Every recipe George saw for banana bread was loaded with nut flours and just one banana at that. He decided to set out and make a banana bread recipe that actually used the bananas. Here is a delicious and perfected paleo bread recipe you can use anytime containing over 4 bananas in it!

About the Creator

GeorgeHeadshot copyHello, I am a Professional Husband, Bonus Dad, family man, and creator of this blog. I wrote the New York Times Best-Selling cookbook The Paleo Kitchen and I love Bacon.
Read more about George

To learn more about George, visit Civilized Cave Man Cooking


Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Cookies Chocolate Chip Egg Free

Visit the Full Recipe Here

Not only are these paleo chocolate chip cookies delicious, but they only take 30 minutes to make and are 100% egg free (not that there’s anything wrong with eggs). If you are hungry for something good, but are short on time, these are great to whip up and serve to others too.

About the Creator

Marla Sarris is the founder of Paleo Porn, co-author of Pigskin Paleo (along with her husband Jeff), and project manager at SPYR. After tirelessly dedicating six years to teaching Mathematics at one of the top High Schools in the nation, she left her all-consuming career in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to indulge her passion for teaching through Paleo Porn.

To learn about Marla visit Paleo Porn



Chocolate PB Swirl ‘Ice Cream’

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Chocolate PB Ice Cream

View the Full Recipe Here

Peanut Butter + Chocolate = YUMMINESS! It’s like a flavor combination that dances in your mouth!But don’t worry, this is 100% dairy free so it’s safe for all the paleo guys and girls out there to enjoy like ice cream, but not feel guilty as well.

About the Creator, Macy Diulus


(From Macy)  On Paleo Crumbs you will find many gluten free, grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free, primal, and paleo recipes. And I promise you they will be scrumptious!  You will also find me testing out recipes from some of my favorite paleo cookbooks and blogs, as well as some of my own creations in the kitchen, and reviews of paleo friendly snacks and treats!

To learn more about Macy, visit Paleo Crumbs


Smoothie Bowl


Learn More About This Recipe Here

When I came across this Paleo Granola called Paleo Scavenger, I knew I just had to try it and share it. Check out this great recipe with the granola that creates a tasty smoothie bowl. Not only tastes great but is filled with tons of good stuff to keep you charged and feeling great.

About the Creator, Brittany Chibe

Paleo Scavenger

Brittany Chibe is the creator of Paleo Scavenger, a delicious Paleo granola that is free of grains dairy, soy, and refined sugar. This can be used for snacks & full recipes as well. Visit her site at http://paleoscavenger.com to learn more.

To learn more about Paleo Scavenger, Visit http://paleoscavenger.com



Chocolate and Coconut Covered Bacon

Paleo Diet Dessert Recipes - Bacon

To View the Full Recipe Go Here

What’s better than bacon? Chocolate covered bacon with coconut! It may seem bizarre at first, but it is actually a really amazing combo!  If you are a fan of  ‘sweet and salty’, then this dessert is a must try for you.

About the Creator, Cindy Sexton

About Me

(From Cindy) I am a small town gal at heart turned semi-city-slicker. I am currently a certified teacher in the Greater Toronto Area who adores all things fitness, food and nutrition related. I am passionate about teaching, as well as learning from others in this field, and is constantly striving toward being a little bit better every single day. My laid-back approach to eating “really real” (nutrient-dense) food is reasonable and realistic. With a multi-faceted approach that focuses on returning to the simpler days of living, I like to concentrates on making play, laughter, sleep and self-care a priority, which makes up my relaxed paleo lifestyle.

To learn more about Cindy, visit Paleo Dish


Paleo Opera Cake

Paleo Diet Dessert Recipes - Opera Cake

To Get the Full Recipe Go Here

In case you’ve never tasted an Opera before, let me explain: this cake is pure bliss, pure heaven, pure perfection. To make a paleo version of this take a lot of work in the kitchen, but just by looking at the picture I’m sure you can tell that the effort will be very much worth it!

About the Creator, Sonia

Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

(From Sonia): The Healthy Foodie came into existence, as a means for me stay on track and keep a record of recipes I’d created and meals I’d eaten. What started as a simple personal online food diary soon became a real passion for me. It inspired me and helped me expand my boundaries and make tons of new discoveries, through sharing recipes and ideas with other people just like me.

To learn more about Sonia visit The Health Foodie


Coconut Whipped Cream

Coconut Whipped Cream

To View the Entire Recipe, Go Here

(From the creator): With autumn and squash harvest right around the corner, I felt inspired to share my Paleo Pumpkin Pie Bar recipe with you. Topped with a fatty dollop of Coconut Whipped Cream, it’s the perfect use for garden fresh or canned pumpkin and makes a fantastic stand-in for traditional pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. So go ahead… ‘fall’ head first into this delicious Paleo pumpkin dessert, and give yourself an extra pat on the back for eating with the seasons too! How very Paleo of you! :-)

About the Creator, Kinsey

Kinsey Jackson, MS, CNS®, LMPHi! My name is Kinsey and I’m a Certified Nutrition Specialist® practitioner, specializing in integrative and functional nutrition. I graduated with summa cum laude honors and my Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and previously earned my Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology (and a chemistry minor!) with cum laude honors from Western Washington University.

I emphasize functional nutrition and functional movement in my clinical practice, located in Bellingham, WA., as well as provide nutrition services here at Paleo Plan.

To learn more, visit Paleo Plan


Paleo Protein Bar

Paleo Dessert Recipes - Protein Bar

Learn More About Paleo Protein Bars

I have always had a sweet tooth and for years I have been working on an easy way to indulge
in dessert without the guilt. So every night I take one of our Paleo Protein Bars® (Chocolate Brownie) (www.paleobar.com) and warm it up for 15 seconds which makes our protein bar soft and gooey just like a fresh baked brownie. I then top it with some almond butter It’s literally like a fresh baked nutty brownie experience without the guilt. It’s really the cleanest way to cheat.

 About the Creator

Paleo Inc

PaleoInc supplies great tasting & very health Paleo Diet products you can order from their site. They also have free recipes & additional information.

To learn more about them, visit Paleo INC



Paleo Root Beer Float

Root Beer Gelatin Float


To View the Full Recipe, Go Here

We all love the taste of a root beer float on a hot summer day, but dislike the sugar and dairy it brings. Now you can have the best of both world with this delicious dessert from the Rubies & Radishes blog. It’s a paleo friendly root beer float!

About the Creator, Arsy

About Arsy

Rubies & Radishes is a paleo recipe lifestyle blog. I hope you find some delicious recipes here made with happy ingredients and some useful tips on healthy living. Thanks for stopping by!

To learn more, visit Rubies and Radishes





Paleo Milkshake

Paleo Diet Dessert Recipes - Chocolate Milkshake


View the Full Recipe Here

The best chocolate milkshakes are served thick and creamy in a tall glass with a thick straw.

It probably comes as no surprise that I love dessert. However, we rarely keep sweets in the house because I have little to no self control around chocolate. So when I do crave something sweet, I usually reach for a handful of dark chocolate chips to curb my craving because the thought of baking seems much to strenuous and time consuming.

Enter the FIVE minute, FIVE ingredient chocolate milkshake. This recipe is super simple and can be made in a snap. Plus you probably already have all five ingredients on hand! Blend together all of the ingredients and you are left with a luscious, thick and creamy chocolate milkshake just like the diner serves.

About the Creator

My name is Kenzie and I am the Cave Girl in the City.

Balancing food, fitness, fashion and everything in between. I like new places, great fiction, kick-ass boots, inspirational quotes and a good cup of coffee.

To learn more, visit http://cavegirlinthecity.com 




Chunky Town Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Diet Dessert Recipes - Chunky Chocolate CookiesView the Full Recipe Here

Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies, right? Now, being on the Paleo Diet doesn’t mean you have to give them up! Check out these healthy cookies without the processed sugar and bad stuff that usually goes into them.

About the Creator

Diet Recipe IMG_9737

Taylor is a 20-something registered dietitian to-be with a big passion for making healthy food taste good with real, whole food ingredients.

To learn more about Taylor, visit Simply Taylor




Vegan Peach Ice Cream

Vegan Peach Ice Cream

View The Full Recipe Here

Perfectly ripe peaches are amazing and they can be quickly turned into a creamy, vegan peach ice cream in a matter of minutes. Minutes, you say? Yes, minutes and it’s really good. So good that guests whom I served this to never knew, nor guessed that it was vegan… and they asked for seconds.

About the Creator, Jennifer of Gluten Free School

Jen FugoGluten Free School is a dedicated teaching gluten-sensitive women simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy.  This is the number one spot for those living a gluten free life seeking community, simple & clear information about their condition, and ways to become empowered and finally feel better. Based off of the personal journey of founder Jennifer Fugo, Gluten Free School is more than just about a diet… it’s a revolution!

Learn more about Jennifer here

And here are some amazing Paleo Diet dessert recipe resources:

1.Paleo Desserts, 49 that Taste Anything but Great


2. 47 Paleo Desserts to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth


3. Paleo Dessert Sweets & Snacks


4. Paleo Dessert Board on Pinterest



There, you go! Some amazing Paleo Diet dessert recipes anyone can use.

Do you have some recipes of your own? Which paleo friendly dessert do want to try right now?

Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you have a great paleo friendly dessert recipe you’d like shared or added to this list, just contact me and it will be added to the list.

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